Summer Survival Group

Virtual Summer Survival Group Starts June 14th

Summer is coming soon and you may be spending more time with your children than during the school year. You may have envisioned this time to be glorious with your children running through sprinklers or riding bikes together laughing while you relax on a hammock, reading books with an icy glass of lemonade on the grass.

Reality might look A LOT different and if you are anything like me, my son would be upset about not being on electronics, the dog would be sneaking into the neighbor’s yard,

IMG_5720 - Version 2

the lemonade would be spilled by son or dog in a heartbeat as they are totally unaware of proximity of space, and I would read the same paragraph 50 times as I would be fielding questions about what sorts of light fixtures my sister has in her upstairs bathroom. (If you know my son, you know this is 100% true!!) While this still happens, it doesn’t bother me like it used to AND this reality check might bring up all sorts of stuff for you – feelings of inadequacy, helplessness, frustration, irritation, annoyance, etc.

This is so normal AND I can help with this!!! You don’t have to do this alone!!

I’ve created this Summer Survival Group honestly because my people have been asking for it. This group is for any parent who struggles with finding the peace and joy when spending more time with their children. This is a NO judgement zone so do not worry about feeling this way and what other people think. Why do you think I created Summer Survival Skills? Innovation out of necessity – ha!!

I am offering this virtual group for people who need some positive plug-ins throughout the summer, to get feedback, coaching, ideas, perspective to help others know they aren’t alone AND provide tools that I use and find to be extremely helpful in my own personal life.

For those who don’t know my background, I was an elementary school teacher who had 35 kids in my kindergarten class and taught the whole range of third grade students, particularly loving the emotionally disturbed and brilliantly gifted as they challenged me to look at things in new ways. I am now a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Sagefire Institute Nature-Based Coach, Equus trained Coach, and parent of the BEST teacher I have for this stuff, my now 12 year old son who is on the autism spectrum, was non-verbal until he was 5, has anxiety and ADHD in addition to so many amazing talents and gifts. All of this to say that there is very little that can shock me and I feel like I can provide some nuggets of insight and inspiration wherever you are coming from.IMG_5571 - Version 2

Since this group goes right up to the new school year, this will also be a great opportunity to play with setting up the school year and activities in a way that feels good and doable for you and your child.


We will meet up over the phone Wednesdays starting June 14th from 11:00-12:00 CT.

Dates: 6/14, 6/21, 6/28, 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2, 8/9, 8/16

Cost – $60

**FYI – I’m pricing this lower than other offerings a) because I want it to be accessible to those who need it and b) because unlike other classes and clubs, I am not limiting it to a certain number of people. I will send out weekly emails asking for what people are needing support with and that will guide what I talk about.

Questions? Email me at

If the day/time doesn’t work for you or you want 1:1 coaching, head HERE to get on my calendar.