Parenting has certainly NOT been what I expected AND I began to shift to more peace and joy in the chaos after learning different perspectives. The people I interviewed here helped with that and are part of my dream team. In our conversations, they share their stories and things that I believe can help you.

This week’s interview is with Dr. Martha Atkins!!

Click here to listen - Martha Atkins.

My intentions for interviewing Martha:

  • Martha specializes in helping people process grief around death and dying. While I didn’t experience a death, I did have to grieve for the child that I thought I was going to have in order to accept the child that I did have. This was a KEY part in my journey!!
  • You might be wondering what grief has to do with parenting and I have to say that any time there are any expectations about what a child is going to be like and isn’t, there is some shifting that needs to take place. Have a listen and you’ll find out how powerful this is and learn some practical ways that you can release emotions that every parent experiences regardless of the child they have.
  • Martha is so amazing and loving, I just HAD to have her share her wisdom in order to help anyone who might be where I was – feeling sad, confused, angry and fearful.

Want to see an example of an actual letter that I wrote for myself regarding my son? A Letter To My Son.  **Note – This was not meant for him to see but was a way for me to honor what I was feeling in a safe and healthy way. 

If you have questions for Martha or want to learn more about her and the amazing work that she is doing in the world, head here –> http://www.marthaatkins.com


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Other interviews are with Alexis Robin, Michael Trotta, Sarah Seidelmann, Betsy Rapoport, Diane Hunter and Michael Webb. The topics include:
  • parenting children with different processing and learning styles
  • processing grief when your child is given a diagnosis that redefines what parenting is like for you
  • the importance of minding your energy in order to help your child feel safe
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