My passion is helping others find peace and joy in the chaos of life. I’ve learned how to do this for myself and now get to help others with the many tools I have gathered as a/n…

  • Master Life Coach 
  • Nature-Based Coach
  • Equus Coach
  • Educator
  • Special needs parent

I love sharing these simple but profound tools and lessons with others who are needing more peace and joy in their lives. I love helping women learn how to become leading ladies in their own lives as well as helping parents who are finding that parenting isn’t quite what they expected it to be. Discover more About Me.

How I Can Help You:

Starting June 15th –

Virtual Book Club covering

Susan Stiffelman’s Parenting with Presence

Parenting with Presence photo

This book is SO freaking amazing and it weaves together so many of my passions.

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Summer Survival Skills Package – FREE!!

My gift to parents and caregivers to help them get ready for summer!

 1:1 Coaching Session

You. Me. 50 minutes of my undivided attention aimed at helping you with issues or situations that are keeping you stuck. I do sessions over the phone as well as in-person sessions if you are in Austin, TX. In-person sessions can be nature walks, coffee or lunch sessions if you’d prefer that to my office. Read more about these sessions.


Without coaching, this photo of me in Iceland would have never occurred because I was too anxious, too controlling and too limited in what I thought was possible in my life. There isn’t an area of my life that hasn’t been helped by coaching – personal, relationships, parenting, you name it! I “live it to give it” each and every day which then allows me to help my clients. There’s nothing I love more than getting an email from a client sharing how they are using what they learn to better their lives! Pure joy for me!!

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Day Retreat

If you are craving a day focused on reconnecting with your true self, your wants, what lights you up, help with patterns and thoughts that are keeping you stuck, you are in luck! I am now offering Day Retreats at my home in Austin, TX for between 1-4 people. Coaching, healthy food, relaxation, nature. I don’t know about you but that sounds like an ideal day to me!!


This is perfect for people who…

  • are curious about a nature-based life coaching retreat but aren’t ready to commit to an overnight experience.
  • have done retreats or workshops with me before and want to reconnect with the empowering feeling they had when they left.
  • want to learn tools and strategies to help them have more peace and joy in their daily life.

photo-2If you are interested in a Day Retreat with me, email me at margaret@sagefireinstitute.com.

Nature Based Coaching Retreats

Join me and some brilliant friends in TX – either at my home or at my ranch!

Inspiration. Time. Space. Connection.


Topics include:

  • “Everything You Need” Nature-Based Retreat – This retreat is for Martha Beck trained coaches only and is going to be led by Master Coaches Michael Trotta and Margaret Webb in Austin, TX in order to help coaches build their confidence by playing around with and getting feedback on using the coaching tools. We will be hanging out in nature, there will be story-telling and fires, of course! :-) October 23-25, 2015. Limited to 10 coaches. Click HERE to get on the list to be the first to know!!


  • Reverse Fire/Medicine Wheel Retreat – Want to create change in your life to have more of what you are wanting? Change starts with awareness and this retreat will help you to do this while helping you create systems to maximize and efficiently create change so you can have more of what you are wanting in your life. Led by Margaret and Michael Webb. (Click HERE to get on the list for this retreat happening April 28th-May 1st of 2016!)


  • Nature-Based Shamanic Journeying Retreat – Details coming soon! Led by Master Coaches Sarah Seidelmann and Margaret Webb (November 2015)
  • If you have a group of up to 8 women and would like to have a nature-based coaching retreat designed specifically for your needs and wants, email me at margaret@sagefireinstitute.com and we can make it happen! I can also travel to you if you want something local. Travel and lodging expenses would apply.

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