Parenting Interview – Diane Hunter


Parenting has certainly NOT been what I expected AND I began to shift to more peace and joy in the chaos after learning different perspectives. The people I interviewed here helped with that and are part of my dream team. In our conversations, they share their stories and things that I believe can help you.

This week’s interview is with Diane Hunter!!

Click here to listen – Diane Hunter.

My intentions for interviewing Diane:

  • Diane was the first person I hired to coach me on issues that I was facing with my son at the time. She has a son who is autistic and it was so amazing to find someone who could relate to the often wacky things that would come up in my life. We could laugh without judgement. 
  • She is extremely passionate about minding her own energy in order to help her son and that passion extends to the people that she works with.
  • She weaves together her experience as a Master Certified LIfe Coach, Equus Coach, and Mind-Body Coach in order to bring her own unique blend of help for her clients.
  • She is getting ready to teach a teleclass starting Oct. 7th based on the philosophy from Suzy Miller’s Awesomism program. It’s called, “Conscious Parents – Challenging Children. Help in Raising Your Energetically Sensitive Child” To check it out, here’s the link for the course –
If you have questions for Diane or want to learn more about her and the amazing work that she is doing in the world, head here –>
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  • parenting children with different processing and learning styles
  • processing grief when your child is given a diagnosis that redefines what parenting is like for you
  • the importance of minding your energy in order to help your child feel safe
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