My work is all about helping others find peace and joy in the chaos of life. I’ve learned how to do this for myself, through my experiences, life coach training and nature-based coaching, and I love sharing these simple but profound lessons with others who are needing more peace and joy in their lives. I love helping parents who are finding that parenting isn’t quite what they expected it to be. Discover more About Me.

Ways You Can Work With Me:

I’m celebrating because I am now a Martha Beck Master Life Coach – wahoo!!

If you have ever wanted to work with me and try coaching but the cost prevented you from taking action, I’m offering…

50 minute coaching sessions for $25 throughout December

and ALL of the money I earn will be donated to Martha Beck’s LEAP foundation as a gift to her for helping me so I can in turn help you – JOY!!! (http://marthabeck.com/the-leap-foundation/)

You can choose either:

  • 1:1 Coaching Session – You. Me. 50 minutes of my undivided attention aimed at helping you with issues or situations that are keeping you stuck.  Read more about these sessions.
  • Supported Stillness – This is one of my favorite offerings because stillness and doing nothing is the first step in being able to really hear and connect with what you are wanting in your life. Do nothing…get more done. Hmmm. Sounds great doesn’t it?! Learn more.


  • Coming this winter – Nature Based Coaching Retreats at my ranch two hours from Austin, TX! Inspiration. Time. Space. Connection. Find out more!