Workshops for Parents and Teachers

One of the things that I LOVE to do is to share what I’ve learned and as a result of listening to lots of “parenting experts” who shared wonderful information that would be great for those with typical children, they didn’t quite get that my child didn’t buy into their parenting and behavioral strategies (think sticker charts, rewards or counting down). Because of this, I make sure that I only share the practical stuff that I really use in my daily life, with my non-typical, non-people pleasing, totally his own person, child in order to help parents and teachers with children who might need something different.

I bring an interesting and unique perspective to these workshops having been a classroom teacher and now parent to my son with special needs (moderately high functioning autism, ADHD, apraxia of speech, anxiety). I’ve taught in situations where I had up to 35 children in my class. I’ve taught a wide range of academic levels in schools with very diverse populations. I’ve been part of leadership teams in order to help teachers best meet the needs of the students. I blend all of my experiences together along with what I’ve learned as a Master Certified Life Coach to help you add tools to your toolbox.

While I was not a special education teacher and am not an expert on IEPs, I DO get what it’s like to be a classroom teacher and all of the responsibility that comes along with that while trying to meet all of the needs of the students. I only share with both parents and teachers what is practical and reasonable to incorporate into classrooms.

If you are in the Austin, TX area and would like me to come to your school or home for a workshop, email me at and we will get a date on the calendar.

This would be a two hour workshop that is specific to the topic your group desires. I can also adapt it if a shorter time is required.

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Topics and Talks:

  • Surviving School Breaks
  • Empower Yourself for Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Ditch the “Compare and Despair” (especially with friends and family member’s children)
  • Judgement. How To Get Past What Other People Think. (This is a BIG ONE!)
  • After the Diagnosis (developmental delay, learning difference, attention issues, etc.)…Now What?!
  • Creating Routines To Help Life Flow More Joyfully and Peacefully
  • ABC’s of Peaceful Parenting
  • The Importance of Self Care
  • How To Manage Yourself During Someone Else’s Temper Tantrum
  • Bettering the Parenting Things (appointments, drop off/pick up, etc.)
  • What’s Perfect About A Crappy Situation?
  • The Power of Stillness (and how it can help you get more done!)
  • Role Modeling – We are role models for what it means to be an adult. What messages do we want our children picking up?

**These are just a few topics that I enjoy speaking about. If there is a topic that is pertinent to the school or parents, just ask!