Virtual Fire Session

Virtual Fire Session


Fire Is An Amazing Coaching Tool!

How Do I Know?

I have learned a TON about myself playing with building and lighting fires for 5 years.

My love of this tool began at a retreat with two mentors, Martha Beck and Michael Trotta, and while trying to start a fire with no matches, I realized a bunch of thoughts and patterns that were not at all true or helpful.

I should know how to do this.

(Even though I’ve never done it before.)

I just have to try harder.

(Even though I’m sweating and I’m having muscle spasms.)

There isn’t another way.

(Um…since I’ve never done this before I have no idea!)

I refer to an experience like this as the Disney FastPass of self awareness.

I felt what those thoughts felt like in my body. I had a flash of so many memories where I experienced frustration because I believed thoughts like this even though they weren’t true.

It was intense and very much an “Oh shit!!” moment in the best way possible because I believe you cannot do or be any different unless you are aware of what you are doing or how you are being.

I freaking LOVE this because THIS my friends is what is SO empowering!! 


Why Fire?

Fire only gives feedback, not judgement.

Gather some materials, a match and it either lights or it doesn’t. No story other than what works and what doesn’t work.

Building a fire is a wonderful metaphor for how one goes about things in life.

What would life be like if we looked at things as feedback rather than judgement? BAM!! Try something and it either works or doesn’t work. Instead of creating negative stories about what happened, try something new and different and see what happens! Zoom out of the moment, tap into curiosity about the situation as a whole and allow for all of the possibilities. 



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IMG_6124Each fire made always seems to shine a light on whatever is needed by the person. I’m always amazed by this as it is so fun to witness and I’m no longer surprised when it happens.

IMG_6958311337_4443964691773_1606542617_nI’ve coached with fire over the years at my own retreats and retreats like Jill Farmer’s “Light Your Fire” retreat and Sagefire Institute’s Nature Based Coach Training onsite. I have been hearing from people around the world that they would love to experience what fire has to teach them about themselves which is where this offering comes from!

11102878_10205754898808529_6213929156125012988_n11040632_10205754895768453_8113928777140992115_n-3If you have access to Skype or FaceTime AND you’ve been wanting to play with fire to see what it has to show you, this coaching session is for YOU!!

12400456_10153839747723745_694676367479108984_nEven my son has caught the fire bug and asked to build his own fire “sculpture” as he referred to it!




The Specifics: Fire Making Coaching Session

What is it?

  • This is a fun coaching session where you gather materials in your area, assemble them during a specified time prior to our call and then light the structure while on FaceTime or Skype with me. I will offer feedback and do some coaching around what happens and what I notice.

What do you need?

  • You need a space that is safe for making a small fire. It is your responsibility to create a space – I will offer guidance and we can FaceTime or Skype prior to you building your structure to see if it is okay but even then, you will need to make sure that you have water available to put your fire out completely. This is really important as I will not be there physically with you and even when I’ve been with people, they can get caught up in the excitement of the fire and walk away with smoke still coming from the ground. This is your responsibility and I take it very seriously!!
  • You will need to gather materials that you think would light a fire. Please, please, please do this on your own as this is an exercise for you. If we were together, you might ask me if I thought it would light and even if I know it would or have experience with something NOT lighting, I can be wrong. These fires are always amazing and show exactly what needs to be shown so please allow this magic to unfold by going with what YOU select. Even if your fire doesn’t light, some of the most insightful fires I’ve made are those that haven’t lit.
  • You will need a box of matches.

How long will this session be?

  • Ideally, this session would be about an hour so that you have time to create your structure, light it, get feedback and coaching and create some practical takeaways. If you get there in less time, awesome! If it takes longer than that, awesome! These sessions will be created with built in buffer times so that you don’t feel rushed.

How do you sign up?

  • Click on this LINK to get to my scheduler.
  • Cost of 60 minute session is $75

xoxo Margaret

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