When getting coached, I don’t really want someone who thinks they have all the answers, who knows how to “fix” me or who makes impossible promises. I want someone who is real. I want someone who is keenly aware and able to track my thoughts and patterns so they can help me see what I am unable to see. I want someone who can compassionately and at times humorously, guide me to my own wisdom in order to make the changes I seek. I want someone like Margaret Webb. Michael Trotta

Margaret is an amazing coach in large part because she is so authentic and present.  Her honesty and enthusiasm for life are contagious and I am so grateful that we connected.  She has helped me slow down enough to really notice what is going on and to appreciate and engage in my life more fully.  I am so grateful for Margaret’s wisdom and willingness to support me on this journey. Laura

What a difference Margaret has made in my life! As the parent of a special needs child and the wife of a cancer patient, I was often struggling with finding joy in my life. It felt like I was just putting one foot in front of the other, and smiles were mostly forced. Through my meetings with Margaret, I gained perspective and learned the importance of taking care of myself. She creates a safe environment for venting and releasing and then follows up with actual tools and strategies to work through the challenge. As a result of my relationship with Margaret, my smiles are now genuine! Brenda

I had heard really good things about Margaret’s coaching for over two years before I finally signed up.  Since I have two young sons and, along with everything else, they both have therapy scheduled, I kept thinking that I didn’t have time.  I also feared that I would end up getting confirmation that I really wasn’t doing enough for my family.  However, I was very wrong about both of those things.  I have gone through Margaret’s Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect class and the follow-up.  I have also experienced one-on-one coaching with her.  Everything has been so helpful, and all of it fit in my schedule just fine.  In fact, going through the classes and the coaching have actually helped me organize our schedule better.  One of the things I loved about both the classes and the coaching was all the laughter, which is something that is very healing for me.  I always left feeling like I wasn’t alone.  There are so many little tools that I learned through Margaret that I use every single day.  I look forward to learning and experiencing more through Margaret’s classes and coaching. Melissa

My first impression of Margaret was formed by watching her with her son. Such serenity. “HOW can she be so calm? I obviously don’t have the kind of personality to deal with the drama that comes with having a child with special needs.” Then our relationship grew into the beginnings of a friendship and I continue to be amazed at how she takes life in stride and with humor. I commented to her that I noticed, and envied, how she takes on life and doesn’t let it take her. Margaret reached out to me in the sweetest way and offered to show me some tools to help. I must have looked desperate that day….truth is that I was. That was the beginning of our life coaching sessions. It is a process and I am increasingly patient with myself. Margaret gave me the tools to honor myself, breathe and simply notice. I am enabled to take better care of myself and my entire family. If you have a child with any sort of special needs, Margaret has the tools to help. She lives it, knows it, has been there and has done that. Now, she is here for you (for us) to help. Take her up on it. So glad that I did! Lainie

Margaret’s tele classes and private sessions helped me look at my life with a fresh perspective. Her classes and private coaching sessions taught me to recognize patterns that were causing me unnecessary grief, and her tools helped me learn to create space for the experiences I value and want most for my life.  I have loved being connected to Margaret, as well as the community of other parents experiencing similar struggles via her tele classes. I am so grateful that she is available for me to call when I get “stuck”! Katie

Having Margaret Webb as a life coach has changed my life. I feel so much better after a session with her. I feel free and happy!  She has taught me to love my life and all the gifts it brings. Having a special needs child is hard and you feel alone in your own thoughts Margaret helps you come out of those thoughts and celebrate what you have!  I am no longer alone. I thank her for that. Whitney

I think people come to you for coaching because they like your authenticity, humor, ability to identify what’s working and not working for them in a direct and non-judgmental way, and provide them with practical awareness building and strategies that work – whether it’s with their child or family member, teachers, camp counselors, people in the grocery store, and especially for the clients themselves. You create a safe and anchoring space for people to get real and share what’s going on for them, offer them your curiosity and compassion, and share your knowledge as a coach, mother, and teacher to partner with the client to create realistic shifts that work for them. You have and continue to “walk the walk”. Eryn