Parenting Survival Skills

NOTE: This content is helpful all year long, not just summer!

Is the thought of having the kids around all of the time starting to worry you?



Are you counting down the days until fall even though summer hasn’t even started?

My Parenting Survival Skills can help!!

In this Parenting Survival Skills package, you’ll get a 45 minute mp3 where I share what I’ve learned as a teacher, certified Martha Beck Life Coach and mom to help me not only survive, but lead! What I share is not only helpful during summer break, but any time where schedules or routines change – vacations, winter breaks, etc.

You get…

  • 45 minute mp3
  • 20 minute guided visualization to help you connect with what it is that YOU are wanting during your day
  • Ideal Summer Day worksheet (based on Martha Beck’s Ideal Day coaching tool)
  • Needs and Wants worksheet
  • Basic Schedule worksheet

Together, these all can help you get clear on what it is that you are wanting in order to get more of what YOU want for yourself and your family.

Stop dreading. Start leading!