• Martha Beck’s “The Joy Diet Virtual Book Club – I’d been wanting to do this book club for a few years now and I could not wait any longer, especially since it seems like everyone coming my way is wanting and needing more joy in their lives. Who couldn’t use more joy in their life? What is this? It’s a virtual book club designed specifically to help YOU reconnect with joy in your life. It is based on Martha Beck’s book – The Joy Diet: 10 Daily Practices for a Happier Life. If this is something you’d like to be part of, click the link and sign up to be notified when the next virtual book club is taking place!
  • Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect While You Were Expecting – Level 1 –  This is my baby! It is a tele-course filled with all of the things that helped me process having a child who was not at all like I expected AND to find peace and joy within it. I LOVE teaching and coaching people who are where I was at the beginning of my journey, ready for change, ready for support, ready to take back the lead in my life.
  • Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect While You Were Expecting – Level 2 – This tele-course is only open to people who have completed the first level and are ready to dive in deeper.
  • Leading Lady – co-facilitated with Eryn McEwan Seavey and Lynn Trotta. This tele-course is SO much fun and filled with so much goodness that if I weren’t helping to lead it, I would be taking it! Isn’t it time you started living the role you were meant for in this lifetime rather than always supporting others in living their dreams? You can absolutely 100% lead yourself AND support others! Learning how to do this, how to allow yourself to want and have this, is what this course is all about. So much fun!!!!!