These are all MP3 recordings that you can download and listen to whenever you need.

  • “Parenting Interview Series” –  Free (for now). Six inspirational interviews with the coaches that inspired me along my journey. Listen to how they helped me and how you can benefit from what we share!
  • “Parenting Survival Skills” – $15.00. MP3 recording as well as some worksheets to help you survive those times when the kids are at home.
  • “Who Gives A S#!t About What Other People Think” – Free. Stop worrying what other people think. In this MP3 recording you will hear my take on what is going on and what you can do to stop the madness!
  • “Back to School Tips” – Free. An article I wrote to help parents lead rather than feel like they are always 1-2 steps behind. While this is titled for the back to school time, the content can be applied ANY time you are ready to start leading your days.
  • “ABC’s of Peaceful Parenting” – $9.00. MP3 recording (my first!) where I share what I refer to as the ABC’s of Peaceful Parenting. These ABC’s are extremely helpful when feeling frustrated or out of ideas for what to do in stressful situations.
  • Coming soon…
    • “Margaret’s Parenting Bootcamp”
    • “Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect While You Were Expecting”