Here are links to podcasts that I have done:

TiLT Parenting:


  • Archetypes – I describe how I use four main archetypes learned from my Nature Based Coach Training to help me in my real, everyday life. This was originally recorded for people in my parenting tele-classes AND I’ve heard from many that it is helpful and applicable for anyone.
  • Parenting the Child – My husband and I have a candid conversation about our journey with our son. Him being a neurosurgeon and me being a teacher, we thought we had this parenting thing in the bag. Hahahahahaha! Have a listen and let me know if there are other things you’d like to hear us talk about. margaret@sagefireinstitute.com
  • Parenting Interview Series – I interview some of the people who have been pivotal in my journey as well as people who have interesting perspectives as they experienced parenting unexpecteds of their own. (Michael Trotta, Betsy Rapoport, Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, Martha Atkins, Alexis Pershall Robin, Diane Hunter)