Parenting Tele-Class Level I

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Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect

While You Were Expecting

Limited to 10 participants

  • Eight Part Tele-Class Begins January
  • Cost – $70 for the class; $120 if you’d like the class PLUS a 1:1 coaching session
  • Bonus – We’ll be covering my Parenting Survival Skills and Archetypes!!

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Margaret Webb’s Summer Survival and Parenting the Child classes have sustained me through parenting challenges related to my child’s anxiety and ADHD.  Through her classes, I’ve gained confidence in my ability to parent my son using resources around me and within myself—including nature, humor, and my own sense of what my child needs  to grow and learn.  Margaret’s coaching style is light-hearted, compassionate, and clear.  I am so grateful to have found her! – L.G., mom to 9 year old 

I am a Certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Educational Consultant, Nature-Based Coach, Equus trained Coach, former teacher, and parent to the greatest teacher ever, my 14 year old son who is on the Autism Spectrum and has Anxiety, Apraxia of Speech and ADHD.

Do you wish you could wake up and feel like ease and joy is a possibility in your life while parenting a child who is on their own developmental timeline?


Imagine having a number of questions and tools in your parenting toolbox in order to help you feel more while parenting a child who is very different from what you expected.

Imaging having a support group and connection with other moms who do not judge you and who know all too well what you experience as a parent.

Imagine more laughter, joy and ease without needing your child to be any different from who and how they are.

Imagine giving yourself time to get curious and feel empowered around how to create a life that fits you and your family.

Right now this may all feel like it’s only for other, lucky people and will never come true. You may feel like…


  • Your child is a project, there are so many things that you need to fix in order for them to be happy in the future, which means you can’t be happy until they are able to be happy.
  • It is like playing a never-ending game of “Whack-A-Mole” where there is always some new issue or behavior to address.
  • You put a smile on your face and you say that you are thrilled with the child you received but deep down inside there is a little part of you feels like life would be much easier with a typical or rule-following child.
  • You wonder why God chose you out of everyone to give such a challenging child to and you feel angry. The minute you acknowledge that anger, the guilt starts to fill your heart and you spend the rest of the day trying to make it up to your child because in your mind a “good mom” would never feel that way. About halfway through the day, the anger and resentment starts up again as the exhaustion sets in because as hard as you try to stay positive, raising a child who is on their own developmental timeline or who has a really challenging personality is hard, really hard.

You’ve probably tried…

  • controlling everything around you in order to keep the chaos contained and manageable
  • behavior specialists that friends recommend only to find that they teach discipline strategies that don’t work for your child
  • posting in Facebook groups to try and get answers and help, only really wanting to hear people tell you that it’s going to be alright but either end up comparing yourself to other moms, feeling like a failure because you aren’t doing enough or feel bad because there are situations out there that are far worse than yours
  • every specialist you can get in to see hoping that they would tell you what to do to help your child progress. You also hoped that they would reassure you that you’re being a good parent and are doing all that you can for your child.

I totally get it because I was there!

photo 2

Eleven years ago, my three year old son was not speaking (and wouldn’t speak until he was five) and I began controlling everything I could. I organized, decluttered, managed and got angry when anyone even tried to mess with my schedule and routine. I rarely went anywhere without him because I felt like I was the only one who could meet his needs. I didn’t like going places with him because I was so nervous about meltdowns and what other people might think.

I read every book on late talking kids that I could get my hands on and consulted all of the specialists with the hope that they would have the answers I was searching for. I wanted to punch anyone who mentioned the term “autism” in my presence.

I wanted what I expected while expecting. I wanted to feel like I was doing enough, doing a good job, being a good mom.

I wanted to feel normal and happy.

In the smallest part of my heart I knew that as a family we’d be okay but I had no idea how we’d get there because it didn’t feel ok at all. Then I discovered an amazing woman and coach, Martha Beck, who through her own experiences with her son Adam who has Down Syndrome, made me realize that I could have this child AND the life that I always wanted. I was doing all that I could for my son but was missing an important part of the equation…helping myself so that I could truly enjoy my life as a person and mother.

I learned…

  • that challenging situations could teach me things about myself and how to be more successful in helping my child.
  • that I could tap into answers that my body held for me which then taught me that the emotions I was having were normal and only then I was able to stop blaming myself for feeling them.
  • that I the only thing I could control were my thoughts and knowing this, I could transform how I was feeling at any given moment.
  • to use my time and energy to create the life I wanted rather than fight through the life I had.
  • how to create healthy boundaries for myself so that I didn’t experience so much pain and sadness when around other people – either comparing my life with theirs OR when other people judge what I should be doing for my child or what my child should be able to do.


It’s now eleven years later and I have a life I love. I enjoy time for myself doing what fills me with joy. I can smile and laugh again. I still have a child with special needs (autism, apraxia of speech, ADHD and anxiety) and I love the person he is more than anything.

I have had the chance to participate in two of Margaret’s classes and both of them have been life changing.  She always comes along when I am needing it the most and provides just the right support and tools to carry me (and all of us) a little further along on this journey. For those of us raising differently wired kids, there aren’t always a lot of other parents around us who can truly understand what we are challenged with as well as the special successes that we celebrate.  Margaret has been so instrumental in helping me realize that I am not alone and that there is so much power in connecting with other moms who are also on this path.  I can’t say thank you enough and I will likely be working with Margaret for years to come as she is not only a coach but I also consider her a friend. ML

Read here for more about my personal journey: How Autism Brought Me Back To Life – This Mama’s Hell and Back Journey


It’s now my mission to help every mother that has a child they didn’t expect to experience the level of peace and joy that they deserve.

“I have gone through Margaret’s Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect class and the follow-up.  I have also experienced one-on-one coaching with her.  Everything has been so helpful! One of the things I loved about both the classes and the coaching was all the laughter, which is something that is very healing for me.  I always left feeling like I wasn’t alone.  There are so many little tools that I learned through Margaret that I use every single day.” MR

Here is what we’ll cover:

Class One: 

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Power questions that help us get on our way to what we want
  • Tool #1

Class Two:

  • What is your body telling you and how will that help you be the parent you want to be?
  • Tool #2
  • Power questions to help in any situation

Class Three:

  • Judgement
  • Tool #3
  • Power question to help you control the only thing you can control

Class Four:

  • Human Emotions – we’ve got them for a reason!
  • Tool #4

Class Five:

  • Self Care – what’s that?
  • Tool #5

Class Six:

  • Parenting Survival Skills
  • Tool #6
  • Power Questions

Class Seven:

  • Archetypes and how they can help you to lead from a place of clarity
  • Tool #7
  • 4 main archetypes – Queen, Child, Warrior and Teacher/Community Builder

Class Eight:

  • Class Wrap Up
  • Review of tools and questions
  • Celebration!

“Margaret’s tele classes and private sessions helped me look at my life with a fresh perspective. Her classes and private coaching sessions taught me to recognize patterns that were causing me unnecessary grief, and her tools helped me learn to create space for the experiences I value and want most for my life.  I have loved being connected to Margaret, as well as the community of other parents experiencing similar struggles via her tele classes. I am so grateful that she is available for me to call when I get “stuck”!” KH


The Nitty Gritty Details:

Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect While You Were Expecting is:

  • 8 Part Tele-Class (call in details will be emailed after you register and you will receive an mp3 recording plus written recap after each class)
  • Dates: TBA
  • Time: 11:00-12:00 pm CT

This class is for you if…

  • you are parenting a child who is on their own developmental timeline or who has a personality that challenges you;
  • you are frustrated, annoyed and feel totally out of control because parenting is nothing like you expected;
  • you don’t do anything for yourself because all resources (money, energy, time, etc.) are focused on helping your child;
  • want to be part of a kind, loving and supportive community;
  • you desire parenting to be more peaceful and joyful.

You probably don’t need this class if…

  • your kids are totally perfect and never cause you stress
  • you feel love, peace, contentment every moment of every day

**If you are that person, please contact me asap because I’d LOVE to have you coach me!


Sound like something you are needing?

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“I am so grateful for Parenting the Child You Didn’t Expect When You Were Expecting! Margaret is an inspiring mentor, wonderful coach, and gentle teacher — she lives it to give it and she guided us on what turned out to be a journey of self-discovery in our role as parents in a loving, supportive way. The tools I learned through Margaret’s class have already hugely impacted my family (and my sanity!).” DR

Taught by Margaret Webb – Certified Martha Beck Master Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Educational Consultant, former teacher, and parent to a 14 year old son with Autism, Anxiety, Apraxia of Speech and ADHD


You deserve a more peaceful and joy-filled life. I can help!

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Curious but unsure about the tele-class format? Watch this – Taking the Unknown Out of the Tele-Class Format