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My Parenting Interview Series with my dream team of Master Coaches who have helped me along the way.

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As you already know, parenting is certainly not what I expected it to be. My husband is a doctor, I was a teacher and so we thought we had this parenting thing in the bag. Yes, we were extremely confident…cracks me up now! Our son was born, didn’t talk when he was supposed to and was eventually diagnosed with Autism, Apraxia of Speech, ADHD and Anxiety. NONE of these were part of our plan and it rocked my world.

For a few years I became full on warrior mom trying to control everything around me, being a pillar of strength for my family, and doing whatever I could to combat these things until I became so exhausted and depressed with who I had become that I stopped. I didn’t stop doing what I could to help my son learn, grow and develop, I just stopped the madness of trying to control everything around me and began realizing the importance of ME being ME for my son.

I began seeking ways to reconnect with myself and came across people who were amazing and positive. These people had different perspectives from what I had been experiencing in the school parking lot or therapy waiting rooms and it felt really good and true for me. A few years down the road now, I realize that I was really lucky to have had that team of people whose wisdom, encouragement and perspective became part of me.

When I began my journey as a mother, the voices in my head, primarily those of other moms going through similar situations, were essentially telling me that if I truly loved my son, then I had to fight autism with every ounce of energy I had. It was exhausting and confusing because I didn’t want to fight, I wanted the joy that I thought I’d have as a mom. As I continued seeking, those voices began getting replaced by these wonderful voices that spoke about gratitude, laughter, acceptance and allowing. What a shift!!

I began thinking about how grateful I was and how I wished others had something like this, even if they don’t have kids with special needs, and decided to do just that, to interview the people who helped me so that you too can benefit from what they have to say.

Here are the people I have interviewed:

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Alexis Robin
 – One of the most positive and real people I know. She is the mother of twins, something she didn’t expect and has created a life balanced with a business that she is passionate about and fun, fulfilling family time. She has a radio show out of Lake Tahoe, California called “The Bright Side” and I  listen to it whenever I need a dose of positive in my life.
Alexis Robin is an Executive Coach and C0-Founder of the Coaching Center For Excellence and believes that the world at work could be such a better place and everyone knows it. She currently lives in South Lake Tahoe with her husband and 9 year old twins. Her motto…”Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.”

Michael Trotta – One of the first coaches I met as he co-led a nature based coaching retreat with Martha Beck. He is a father, husband, storyteller, wood sculptor, natural learning specialist, certified teacher, master coach, survival skills expert, tracker, student of native cultures and the Hero’s Journey, proud dyslexic, writer and curriculum developer, facilitator of rites of passage programs, community builder, coffee lover (the cheap kind), obsessed with cultural repair, creator of multiple transformative coaching and mentoring programs and… an all-around swell guy who values his quiet time as much as he digs opportunities for authentic conversations with others who want to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Sarah Seidelmann– Sarah is a fourth generation physician turned Shamanic healer and Life Coach and lives with her husband and four children near the shores of Lake Superior. She learned as an adult that she had ADHD. She is the author of two books, What the Walrus Knows and Born to Freakwhich is all about embracing the people we are and taking a different perspective to what society feels is “wrong” with us and seeing all the gifts in our uniqueness. She’s currently working on her third book – a memoir of leaving medicine and a pilgrimage to India. 🙂 

Betsy Rapoport – Betsy is one of my favorite people and is the mother of a “non-circle sitting” son who has gone on to do amazing things with his life by reconnecting with nature. She is clever, funny, honest and inspires me tremendously. She is a writer, editor, and master life coach. Her websites are – betsy and

Martha Atkins – This amazing woman and master certified Martha Beck life coach specializes in death and dying. I absolutely HAD to interview her because grief is such an important part of this journey – grieving for the child one thought they were going to have. It was a pivotal part of my journey and was the key to accepting my son for who he is. Martha utilizes a variety of methods to help her clients. These include therapeutic art, writing, life reviews, work with horses, meditations, rituals, journeying and other shamanic practices to help make sense of loss.

Diane Hunter – Diane is the first coach I ever hired and taught me that there could be joy and peace once again in situations that I thought were the worst ever. She is the mother of two adorable boys, one who has autism and is her greatest teacher. She is a master certified Martha Beck life coach, an Equus coach, a mind-body coach and utilizes the Work of Byron Katie in her coaching practice.

Just as these coaches helped me to implement tools and taught me how to question my thoughts, you may need similar help. One of my passions is coaching parents so if you are like I was at the beginning of my journey or if parenting is just not what you expected and find yourself wanting more, let me know and I’ll do my best to help you.