Nature-Based Coaching Retreats at MIIW Ranch


A night away…

to care for yourself,

to be cared for,

to learn, to grow,

to connect, to play,

to process,

to be honest and open.

If this sounds like what you are needing, I would LOVE to have you join me for a Nature-Based Coaching retreat focused on YOU!

IMG_0321It’s quiet, remote, and is the perfect peaceful sanctuary.

Nature-Based Coaching is where I began my journey and I want YOU to experience what it’s like to enter a safe space to feel and reconnect with who you are and who you are meant to be. If life coaching is new to you, it’s all about noticing patterns and thoughts that are keeping you stuck, keeping you from really rocking your life. Nature-Based Coaching takes this to another level because when you are actively engaged in things and get out of your thinking mind, these patterns and thoughts naturally play out. It’s powerful and fun!

During this retreat, there will be …

  • walks out in nature
  • playing with fire
  • time to just sit outside and do nothing but “be” in the moment
  • time to journal and reflect
  • opportunities to get coaching around what is keeping you from having more joy and peace in your life
  • sharing of some basic yet powerful tools and strategies for you to take back with you into your daily life

Nature Based Retreat: Coming Soon!

Where: MIIW Ranch in Richland Springs, TX (an easy two hour drive from Austin).
Space limited to 4 people.
Cost: $250 (Cost includes coaching, meals and lodging.)

  • We’ll be dining together for all meals.
  • There are 4 bedrooms, each with two single beds so you’ll have your own room.
  • Any questions, email me at

IMG_1882Not up for the group thing and want a personalized retreat where you get my undivided attention- alone or with a friend? We can do a one night getaway specifically tailored to what YOU are wanting and needing. Let me know.